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We all know that advertising is essential to the success of any business or event. There are many ways to advertise, and I have a lot of experience in ad design. These are a few examples of art and ads I've created to promote successful business ventures. To discuss your advertising ideas, please
Newspaper ads such as the one to the right, in which I drew the house and calligraphied the words, are an excellent means of promoting events. Likewise, the direct mailer to the left had great success in bringing people to this fundraiser!

I designed this business card for my daughter's framing business,
Again, all of the artwork and calligraphy is my original design.
My work can be as simple or ornate as you would like. When I was looking for more calligraphy work, I designed this flier to show some of the illumination I can do.

I got amazing results from it.
An illustrated poster board placed strategically in your club or business is an excellent means to draw attention to events, promotional facts, or even your business name, as you can see in the posters I've created here for country clubs, my daughter's former business, and a wedding consultant firm.

I use only quality illustration board from Neilsen-Bainbridge, and coat each board with acid-free UV protectant. Lamination of posters is also available.
Zoll Framing and Gifts.
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