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You may have read on my
that the community manager of the organization I worked for opened my new career for me.

These are the awards I did for the Chestnut Hill Community Association in 2008.

I use only quality acid-free parchment and gold leaf, along with Indian Ink to reduce the risk of fading. The awards are then framed for me by my daughter, Kathleen, who owns and operates

To discuss your award ideas, please

I have found that many companies present their awards with custom artwork, as you can see by the award on the right. I can work with your image or create one for you as needed.
If you are one of those people like me who regard medieval art as something beautiful and enduring, you will want to have me design something like the above. The recipients were thrilled when they received them. To discuss a design, please
This fun little poem was composed by a grandmother for her little one. She herself suggested the figures for the art work and had me transcribe her words from the heart.
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