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As I am of Celtic heritage, I enjoy creating anything with an Irish or Scottish theme.

The first example to the right is a saying in Gaelic with an English translation.

The second sample, below, is one of the letters of the alphabet copied from a medieval Book of Prayer.

You can order any letter as I have a complete set of the alphabet. To do so, please visit our sister site,
The quote to the right is a beautiful gift for an engagement or a wedding, or a simple way just to say "I Love You" to someone special. You can select the mat color you prefer. To order, please visit our sister site,
I love to illuminate family crests for people. Below is a copy of the family crest for my maiden name. Even if you don't know your crest, I can research it for you as I have an extensive database of Family Crests and Coats of Arms.

Just tell me your ancestral country and the full spelling of your surname, and I will do the rest. To order, please
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Zoll Framing and Gifts.
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