With any invitation, I strive to match the calligraphy to the font of your invitation. Click on the image to the left to see an enlarged version of this unique design.

When you visit, please bring along a copy of your invitation for me to copy. I can match most styles of lettering and can many times closely match ink color as well. Further, I will match your place cards to your original invitation if you wish.

I generally request that you get your envelopes and guest list to me three weeks before you wish to mail the invitations (Brides: 9 weeks before your wedding). I also ask that you over-order your envelopes to allow for last-minute additions and changes.

I offer a stuffing/stamping/mailing service as well.
calligraphy002014.jpg calligraphy001012.jpg calligraphy002012.jpg calligraphy001010.jpg calligraphy002010.jpg calligraphy002009.jpg calligraphy002008.jpg calligraphy001006.jpg calligraphy001005.gif calligraphy002005.jpg calligraphy002004.jpg calligraphy002003.jpg calligraphy002002.jpg
Click on the samples sheet to the left to see an enlarged version of the more common styles I offer. All of this work is in my own hand, not a computer font.
Also, instead of place cards, many events choose to have a "seating" board which lists the guests and their table number. Click on the image to the right to see an example of a seating board I created for a young man's bar mitzvah.
I have also on occasion been asked to design a camera-ready invitation specifically for a couple's wedding. For more information on this, please
You can click on the image to the left to get a clearer idea of how this might appear.
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